Chip Carving Knives

One of my joys is teaching chip carving to church members and friends.  I have a class coming up in May that will be held at the St. Olaf Retreat Center in Devils Lake, ND.  Our Retreat Center is beautifully situated right along the shoreline of the lake.  The class is being sponsored by the Lake Region Woodcarvers Club and will guide participants through the basics of chip carving.  I have some students who are returning too.  Lately, I’ve been teaching some 3 hour carving sessions at the local senior center and it is cool to see how some students can quickly grasp the carving technique. Part of my interest stems from the connection of chip carving to Scandinavia when it was applied to Viking ships, architectural elements, and household items of that time. I find it fascinating too how Peter Follansbee and others have included chip carving motifs into their fabrication of spoons.  Make no mistake that my interest in woodcarving is not restricted to chip carving, as I’m also striving to progress in figure carving and acanthus carving as well. But for now it is cool to offer chip carving to those affiliated with the Sons of Norway organization and members of my congregation at St. Olaf. It gets one more inspired to carve when others share your enthusiasm and you can encourage each other. I am very grateful to serve at St. Olaf Lutheran Church and to be part of the Devils Lake Community.