I don’t build workbenches that often, but I do enjoy optimizing my existing workbenches to get the most out of them. Take my recent bench project, just a couple months ago I acquired a woodworking vise at an antique mall.  It is now reconditioned, attached to my bench, and fully functional.

How cool to have all those dog holes even if it was a pain to machine them with a spiral up cut router bit and finish drilling them with a brad point bit. Let me tell you the plywood top was the challenge with all the glue to gum up the bits. Lowering the speed on the router and frequent cleaning and honing of the bits didn’t help enough. The next bench will definitely have a hardwood top.😀  The good thing is that I can use this bench for now until I save up money for a bigger bench with a solid top.

Even still, to have a rapid release vintage vise that has a 3 inch thick red oak vise chop is an awesome addition to my bench. Now I can hold a Windsor chair seat in the twin screw vise and easily hold chair spindles in the newly installed end vise.  Believe me the twin screw vise is a sweet way to make Windsor chair seats.  By having all the bench dog holes I have every possibility of using 2 or 4 point hold down configurations with the bench dogs in either vise and also have gobs of holes to use for securing stock with holdfasts.  I love the freedom it gives me.  You might like roughing it more with a handful of dog holes.   However, with my bench I can work on either chairs or just about any kind of carving project. There is reason to celebrate here!

Thanks for looking!