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Let me introduce to you a Stanley 10 1/2 carriage maker’s rabbet plane that might have a new life in my shop. Some time ago I purchased this 10 1/2 along with a set of old woodworking tools. It was already broken and the owner had repaired it with a mending plate that was attached with small screws. Perhaps it fell from the bench and hit a concrete floor, I’ll never know. The point is that it sat for many years waiting for someone to restore it to usable condition. Recently, I took it off my plane till and decided to check it out. I enlisted a friend to repair it in a machine shop. I wimped out in trying to go the silver solder route on my own. To my surprise my friend found not one, but several fractures in the plane body that were caused from that earlier fall. You can see the fracture locations based on the repairs. Now that I have the plane repaired I hope to give you a follow up post on how the plane performs after lapping the sole and sides with multiple grits of sandpaper. Remarkably the frog was not damaged in that earlier fall and the plane is complete on parts. I am excited that this repaired carriage maker’s rabbet plane might help me move one more step toward an unplugged shop.