Cherry has always been either my favorite wood or very close to it for much of my woodworking projects. Here I am showing a cherry spoon that I recently carved and to which I added some chip carving on the handle.  Personally, I find that the process of shaping and carving spoons to be conducive to meditation and that it invites reflection and prayer.  Our lives are generally quite busy and this activity has its own pace.  Since you really can’t add the wood back after it’s been carved away, it tends to slow you down to concentrate on what you are doing.  In the doing you also produce something useful that can be used in the kitchen.  

The cherry was cut by one of my parishioners. Since I started carving spoons I’ve been having fun with carving designs that are more free form. Spoons lend themselves to adding free form carving designs. What is appealing to me is that it doesn’t have all the fuss with exacting dimensions on the layout, yet it has the charm of folk carvings from the past. 

What is also happening for me is that I’m getting closer to that idealized “S” shaped spoon profile that is indicative of the Swedish spoon carving style. Even though this stock was dry by the time I carved it, it still came out great in my mind. My goal is carve several about the same size and then build and carve a spoon rack. I hope to do that in the next few months. Stay tuned.