I’m getting hooked on carving spoons now and I found card scrapers to be very helpful as a final step.  As a Windsor chairmaker I appreciate how helpful scrapers can be in the final smoothing of oak spindles.  Now as I’ve focused more on the general profile of the Swedish style spoons, I’ve been delighted to successfully employ both straight and curved card scrapers on the final smoothing step on spoons.  Once I had 99% of the spoon carved and the apple wood had dried, scraping proved to work great to achieve the finish I wanted.

I obviously didn’t include chip carving on these two spoons, but that will come later in subsequent spoons. I realize that wooden spoons can come in different shapes, but wow are these puppies strong by design. This dried apple wood gets very smooth in the final knife work, and you may find scrapers to be helpful also. The spoons were oiled with flax oil purchased at Kroger in the refrigerated section.

Thanks for looking!