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Hi Folks!  Check out these new Armor Tool clamps (auto-adjust in-line dog clamps) that you can get at Woodcraft.  I saw them in action at the Toledo store when one of the staff, Tom, used them in a demonstration for InLace  (I also like InLace, although I realize this might be complete heresy to my fine woodworking colleagues who swear by inlaying ebony or use black dyed wood strips in period pieces.)  I tried a pair of those bench dog clamps just the other day to hold a new carving project and let me tell you that they were truly superb in gripping and holding. I used them on my new bench and they are worth every penny in their utility.  What I especially liked was the ease of adjustment for one thing.  You see I was tempted to buy one or two Veritas bench dog clamps from Lee Valley Tools.  I am a Veritas tool enthusiast and appreciate their quality and excellent design. But I like these Armor Tool clamps and can see myself using them quite often and I don’t regret putting in all the many dog holes in my new bench. I honestly bought these new  

bench dog clamps for spoon making, but heh they’ll work in so many applications and that is cool!