Can’t decide yet if this oak frame and panel lid warrants some carving.  It will cover the tool storage area in my chairmaker’s bench.   I fashioned it in a similar way to the lid and compartment Chris Schwarz made for his Roubo bench. My thoughts are to do something minimal like add the date or a word or two in Roman style lettering in the center of the panel.   Cutting the letters/numbers with chisels in the oak is my inclination.  I haven’t tried that before with chisels, but this seems to be my motivation now.  There is something classy about letter carving on flat surfaces.  I’d go minimal because this lid may still get things stored on it.  It really shouldn’t though as then the tools in that compartment are inaccessible. The panel is flush so it doesn’t have the raised edge, but for a tool storage lid it works here.  It was a joy to cut these mortise and tenon joints in oak.  The parts are assembled dry fit so I can work with carving the panel by itself.  I really like the grain.  A few spots are visible that will get cleaned with alcohol or mineral spirits.   Any thoughts?