Handmade Sack Back Windsor

Handmade Sack Back Windsor Chair

One of my joys in life is to make Windsor chairs using primarily hand tools and then to see those chairs proudly displayed in people’s homes.   Here is such a picture.   A chair by the fireplace in this home seems to invite someone to rest and warm themselves.   It is a great priviledge for me to be part of that experience.   As you can see,  this chair is at home with other accessories that celebrate the past.   Maybe you think of your home in the same way.   But let me say more about this chair that I made.   The Windsor chair featured in the picture was finished with black over red milk paint and then rubbed out to reveal the red milk paint as highlights.   It was then sealed with a couple hand rubbed coats of polyurethane to protect the finish.  The marks of shaping the wooden parts of the chair by the chair maker were neither removed nor hidden, but remain for the delight of the eyes.  “Everyone wanted to sit in the chair,” I was told by my customer.  What a great compliment to this preacher and chair maker!  I hope you enjoy this picture too. 

God bless all of you during this Holiday Season,